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Personalizing wellness, 

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Cleanse your mind, body and 

soul with a lifestyle detox. 


Hello I'm Shanni 

And here's my story.....

I was able to correct my own hormonal imbalance, lose unwanted weight, reverse borderline diabetes and simply exist in a more fulfilling, peaceful way, by shifting my thoughts and actions, decreasing stress and focusing on what matters to me. As a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, I can help you to do the same. 

I am not suggesting that anyone fire their doctors or stop taking their medications, In fact, I work in partnership with doctors and scientist to design plans that work for the individual client. Always consult your physician before stopping prescribed medication. 

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Lifestyle Detox

Have you ever felt like you just had to do something different? Ever felt stressed or uneasy, but couldn't identify the source of those feelings? Do you recognize that you may have some unhealthy habits or thoughts? Has your loved ones expressed concern about you and your well-being? Are you concerned about your well- being?

 2020 has been rough on almost everyone! So many people are feeling more anxious than ever before and some are even experiencing symptoms of depression for the first time in their lives. If feelings of sadness is overwhelming you or if you have thoughts of hurting yourself or others, please see a licensed mental health professional immediately. If you just need to shift some things in your life, see me! I can help! 

What Is Holistic Health Coaching?

As a Holistic Wellness Coach, I help clients to explore the health benefits of paying attention to what your body is saying to you, practicing self care and shifting your thoughts about health and wellness. Together we will unpack your thoughts and feelings about areas in your life that cause stress, how fulfilled you are in your career, the health of your relationships, your relationship with food, your activity level, spirituality and more. 

Are you stuck

 in a cycle?

Habits that harm sure know how to hang on, right? Trust me, I know! 

Do you struggle with any of the health concerns that I mentioned in my intro? If you do, you know that those are the "toughies"! Maybe you have some other issue. Everyone is working on something. I was once stuck in the cycle of changing my eating habits, being more active, not seeing results and going back to things as they were. How can I change my eating habits and exercise and not see progress? I was wondering the same thing, until I learned how the other areas of my life were connected to what was happening to my body and how to finally address that. Its been smoother sailing since then! 

Lets see if we're a coaching match!

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How It Works

In addition to 6 personalized holistic health education sessions with me, you will also have the benefit of group sessions and support. On day 1 of your coaching program, I will set up a private Facebook group where I will be able to share information with you and answer your questions throughout your program. 

Most programs are 60 days. 

You Will Enjoy 

Personalized Wellness Education

Intro to New Ideas and Concepts


Helpful Videos

Thought Provoking Wellness Assessments


Get the encouragement to do the necessary inner work

all for just $349

Journaling to Heal 

As a Holistic Wellness Coach, I can tell you that writing can be one of the most healing experiences in a person's life. How? Why? Writing your story can help you to release the emotions attached to your experiences and get to a healthy place. This is why I created my 90 day journaling course to offer as a coaching program. 

Journaling &

 Writing Coaching

Are You Mentally Fit?

My clients are thrilled with the results that they are experiencing while using products from the Amare product line. Let me tell you, these supplements absolutely work  exactly as described.

Visit the website to learn more about each product from the product video and written descriptions.