Lifestyle Detox

Optimal Wellness Reboot!

Join my coaching program to focus on someone who you rarely think about, YOU! Together we will holistically address the health of your mind, body and soul, working to relieve stress, drop bad habits and negative thinking, lose unwanted weight and eat a more nutritious diet among many other things. We will work on personalizing what great health looks like for you, rather than follow trends that don't work for everyone. 

Program Structure

  • We will have a private Facebook group where I will share resources and answer your questions.
  • You will get the benefit of one on one and group sessions with me and other members.
  • All sessions take place conveniently online
  • The best wellness coach in the world (ME) will be available to you by email throughout your entire program. 
  • You will get daily reminders and motivating messages by text straight to your cell phone.

We focus on all areas that affect your mental, emotional and physical well- being such as nutrition, physical activity, stress, self care, self love, joy, creative expression, finances, career, business and spirituality etc. 

Schedule your wellness call today for only $19

*Additional fees apply for coaching program. 

$179 for 1 month program

$479 for 3 month program